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May 28, 2023
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Bradys on 'Weakest Link,' Raymond deliver laughs

Monday, September 24, 2001

By Rob Owen, Post-Gazette TV Editor

Game shows do little for me, but I got a huge kick out of tonight's "Weakest Link" (at 8 on NBC) featuring cast members from "The Brady Bunch."

Host Anne Robinson makes all sorts of bad puns and "Brady Bunch" in-jokes (you know the word "groovy" will rear its '70s-era head), but the true reason to watch the Brady battle, as always, is Marcia (aka Maureen McCormick). Marcia, Marcia, Marcia.

"Weakest Link"

WHEN: 8 tonight on NBC.

STARRING: Anne Robinson.


She's the cutest game show contestant you'll ever see, wincing when she gets an answer wrong, cheering when she succeeds.

Through it all, she's as vivacious as always (especially compared to dour Eve "Jan" Plumb, who answers "smegma" to a question that stumps her).

The only downer about this reunion: No Alice!

'Everybody Loves Raymond' (9 tonight, CBS)

One of television's best comedies returns with a stellar episode, "The Angry Family." The Barones are mortified when young Michael reads a story in class that he wrote about a family that yells at one another constantly.

Ray (Ray Romano) and Debra (the always excellent Patricia Heaton) feel awful about the image of family they've created for their children, but that doesn't stop Debra from defending herself when talking to Michael's teacher.

"Everybody Loves Raymond"

WHEN: 9 tonight on CBS.

STARRING: Ray Ramano, Patricia Heaton.


"When I married, I didn't just get a husband, I got a whole freak show that set up shop right across the street," Debra exclaims, referring, of course, to her meddling in-laws.

The episode deals with Ray's repressed feelings, Robert's jealousy and Marie's eagerness to shame everyone. Hilariously dysfunctional with an excellent ending, "Everybody Loves Raymond" continues to deliver laughs wrapped in the craziness of family life.

'Angel' (9 tonight, The WB)

The good vampire who's been cursed with a soul, Angel (David Boreanaz), comes to terms with the death of his beloved Buffy, not to mention her defection to UPN.


WHEN: 9 tonight on The WB.

STARRING: David Boranaz, Charisma Carpenter.


In an action-filled hour that picks up several months after the season finale, the series continues to make strides toward creating its own mythology and separating itself from "Buffy." That's a necessary move since the chances of cross-network crossovers appear unlikely in the near future.

In flashbacks, tonight's episode introduces a vampire hunter who once sought Angel (expect to see him in the present day later this season).

The episode concludes with a wonderfully wicked shock that's likely to become a growing plot point as the season progresses.

You can reach Rob Owen at rowen@post-gazette.com Post questions or comments to www.post-gazette.com/tv under TV Forum.

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