Ruth Murphy sent this picture from Fort Pierce, Florida, where she says “we're the only family in town with the lucky ‘Steeler Guy’ in the front yard.” She writes: “This photo was taken as the result of a friendly bet with our very dear friend, JP, who, much to his dismay, was convinced that his favorite team, The Cincinnati Bungles, would beat the Steelers. Ha! Like that was gonna happen this year! He is now cheering for the Steelers. Another convert! My husband, Dave and I are both from Pittsburgh (Wexford and Shaler, respectively). We have two sons in the Marines and one at home. Every Sunday during games, we have two working cell phones and our house phone at the ready because the boys both call from Hawaii and North Carolina. My best friend calls from Butler, my parents call from Shaler, and last week, my co-workers from Miami (Jets fans!) felt the need to call and let me know that we were going to lose! They are both eating crow now! It's a great year to be a Steeler fan, although we've been fans since birth!”

Photo by Ruth Murphy, Fort Pierce, Florida / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (2/23/2005)