Susan Marsteller sent this picture from Indianapolis after winning a bet with co-worker Jim Bogan. He’s the guy wearing the black miniskirt. Sue writes: “My husband, Rich, and I are die-hard Steelers fans. We were born and raised in Baldwin, but have been living in Indianapolis since 1991. There's no skirting the issue -- the Steelers are the #1 team in the NFL. That's what die-hard Colts fan, Jim Bogan, found out when he bet die-hard Steelers fan, Sue Marsteller, that the Colts would have a better 2004-2005 season record than the Steelers. The construction field superintendent had to parade around the office in a mini-skirt and a Steelers sweatshirt to make good on his bet. Chances are he won't doubt the Steelers again.”

After learning this picture would appear online, Sue sent an update: “Thank you! Actually, the entire company thanks you!!! We're already talking about the bet for next year! Especially since the Steelers play here in Indianapolis! Go Steelers!”

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Photo by Susan Marsteller, Indianapolis / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (2/23/2005)