Vince Chandler sent this picture from Downtown Pittsburgh, where he is a sophomore at the City Charter High School. Vince writes: "We're a newer school with grades 9-11, and a population of 450 students. On January 8th we had our winter semi-formal dance. This was the same night as the crucial Steelers-Jets showdown. There were many groans until we found out that we could get a TV in the room of the dance. We ate dinner while watching the game and even delayed the dance 30 minutes so we could finish the overtime. There was a lot of celebrating for the win, and it really made for a happy atmosphere throughout the dance. Every few songs would be a rousing chorus of "Here we Go Steelers..."

We thank the Steelers for a great season, and for helping us with a great dance. Thank-you Big Ben and the rest of the Black and Gold!"

Photo by Vince Chandler, Pittsburgh / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (2/23/2005)