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May 20, 2018
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Steelers Report Card
Steelers Report Card

Monday, October 02, 2000

Week Five

Steelers vs. Jacksonville Jaguars, 10/02/00

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Grading the Steelers:

Neil Gordon is in his 14th season as the head coach of the Penn Hills High School Indians. He has won one WPIAL title.

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Grading the Opponent:

Jack McCurry is in his 23nd season as the head coach of the North Hills High School Indians. He has won four WPIAL titles.

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Offense: B

The Steelers' offense established a bruising running game and that was the difference. Jerome Bettis and Chris Fuamatu-Ma'afala came up big in critical situations. Kordell Stewart was not slashy, but he got the job done. Hey, Plaxico, don't stop until you hear the whistle! 

Offense: F

Serious questions must arise regarding the capabilities of the Jacksonville offensive line. This injury-riddled group again failed to provide any protection (12 sacks in seven days) for Mark Brunell, and the dancing Fred Taylor was hammered on every rushing attempt.

Defense: A

The Steelers totally shut down the Jaguars' running game. The defense pressured Mark Brunell throughout the game, recording seven sacks. The secondary was outstanding as Jimmy Smith was neutralized. Lee Flowers' interception and Kimo von Oelhoffen's manhandling of the Jaguars' center were highlights.

Defense: D

The Jacksonville front seven were outmuscled and consistently mauled by the Pittsburgh "Black and Blue" running game. Granted, the absence of Lonnie Marts and Hardy Nickerson posed serious leadership problems, but this is not a group that plays physical football; remember Jacksonville's three losses to the blue-collar Titans last year?

Special Teams: C-

A blocked punt, say it isn't so. It was disappointing to see a number of mistakes on the special teams. The opening kickoff out of bounds, fielding a punt inside the 5-yard line, poor kickoff coverage and a blocked punt. The special teams were not so special in Jacksonville. 

Special Teams: B

A bright spot in an otherwise very dismal day! The blocked punt by Donovin Darius, the strong leg of punter Bryan Barker and the inspired return work of Shyrone Stith should have provided the needed spark.

Coaching: A

What a great game plan on both sides of the ball. Defensively, the Steelers contained Fred Taylor, Smith and Brunell. There were no big plays for the Jaguars. Offensively, the Steelers established a ground game and used a short passing game effectively.

Coaching: B

Following Monday night's embarrassment in Indianapolis, the Jaguars followed with an uninspired and lifeless effort to say the least. Penalties, assignment breakdowns and lack of execution and poor game plans are all responsibilities that must be shouldered by tough-guy Tom Coughlin.

Team Score: 91

Team Score: 74












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