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May 26, 2018
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Steelers By the numbers: NFL teams' net operating profits

Tuesday, May 15, 2001

NFL teams' net operating profits for 1999, according to a document obtained by the Los Angeles Times:

1.Cleveland$36.5 million
2.Washington$32.4 million
3.Tennessee$32.1 million
4.Jacksonville$27.7 million
5.Dallas$25.8 million
6.Tampa Bay$24.6 million
7.St. Louis$20.0 million
8.N.Y. Giants$18.4 million
9.Steelers$12.2 million
10.Buffalo$11.6 million
11.Philadelphia$10.8 million
12.Carolina$10.5 million
13.Minnesota$9.8 million
 N.Y. Jets$9.8 million
15.Miami$9.7 million
16.Baltimore$9.4 million
17.Kansas City$9.0 million
18.Cincinnati$8.6 million
19.San Francisco$8.3 million
20.Chicago$7.9 million
21.San Diego$6.9 million
22.Indianapolis$4.2 million
23.Detroit$4.1 million
24.Denver$3.2 million
25.Atlanta$2.9 million
26.Oakland$1.9 million
27.Arizona$1.5 million
29.New England$354,000
30.Green Bay$288,000
31.New Orleans-$849,000

Various local income, according to the Los Angeles Times document:

Ticket sales (home/road/preseason): 1. Washington, $44.9 million; 31. Cincinnati, $19.6 million; Steelers, $23.9 million (22nd).

Local TV and radio: 1. New England, $8.6 million; 31. Arizona, $211,000; Steelers, $3.3 million (19th).

Loge boxes: 1. Washington, $14.6 million, 31. (tie) Atlanta, Cincinnati, Detroit, $0; Steelers, $886,000 (27th).

Concessions: 1. Tampa Bay, $4.7 million; 31. (tie) Atlanta, Carolina, Chicago, Detroit, $0; Steelers, $3.1 million (6th)

Advertising/parking/other: 1. Cleveland, $22 million; 31. Buffalo, $192,000; Steelers, $6.9 million (11th).

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