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June 23, 2018
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'Magical Miss Pretty' Tour 2002

Friday, July 12, 2002

By Dan Gigler

We're pigs and we know it. But we also know it's smart to listen to women. Unfortunately, they won't talk to the Angry Young Man (won't even look at him, actually). So, we've commissioned Dan Gigler to boldly go visit sports bars around town and chat up the Miss Pretties who work there.

Leigh DeFalle from Triangle 2 Bar & Grill, North Shore

Leigh DeFalle has some advice for those commuting to and from Steelers games: Don't take a boat. Perhaps giddy after last season's 20-7 Steelers' win against the Jacksonville Jaguars or maybe buzzed from a few pints of cold gold, Leigh and some friends ignored every parent's cardinal rule -- don't take rides from strangers -- and hitched a ride on a motorboat back to the Strip District, where they had parked. The group got to the middle of the river, near the Point, on that brisk November evening, when the boat pulled a Titanic and began sinking to the bottom of the Allegheny.

With no life jackets and soaked in 40-degree water, "We sobered up pretty quick," she said.

Thankfully, Leigh and her friends were quickly scooped up by passing boaters and the Pittsburgh River Rescue and lived to tell the story.

So, if you're going to be in the PNC Park/Heinz Field area for a game and are really hard up for a boat, Leigh thinks you should stop by the Triangle 2 Bar & Grill on Federal Street and try your hand at their "Battleships" and "Destroyers" -- monster 27- and 14-inch hoagies that go great with the fine selection of draft, microbrews and imports available at the handsome bar.

Leigh, 20, from Whitehall, is a WVU junior, majoring in business marketing, and hoping for a career in pushing drugs (pharmaceutical sales, really) after graduation. In the meantime, she's a proud Mountaineer and Alpha Zeta Delta sister and pours pints down at Chick-N-Bones in Morgantown. However, she'll head to a real school today, Penn State (her brother's alma mater), for the annual Arts Fest/Civil Unrest weekend.

Carla Tortelli used HGH.

Q: In light of baseball's steroid scandal, have you ever considered using performance-enhancing drugs at your job to help you carry trays and pour drinks?

MP: No. Maybe a can of spinach. But I've been known to hit the Red Bull for some extra pep.

That's how we settled ties in kickball.

Q: How should they have ended the All-Star Game the other night?

MP: Paper, Rock, Scissors.

It's Don Corleone to you

Q: Favorite sports movie?

MP: The one with that Mafia movie guy ... Any Given Sunday.

See you in San Diego!

Q: Your Steelers preseason picks?

MP: I think they'll go one game further than last year. And they'll win that game.

She's only 20.

Q: What's the football tailgate scene like at WVU?

MP: We tailgate down at "the Pit." You show your student ID to the cops, and they give you a plastic cup and you're free to bounce from keg to keg. At Penn State, you get busted for everything, but [at WVU] the cops give you your drinking cup.

His mouth is big enough.

Q: Mark Madden occasionally does his show from the Triangle. How does the big guy handle Battleships and Destroyers?

MP: He can put down a good number of sandwiches. He can definitely hold his own.

Lovely image ...

Q: Catfight: Triangle 2 girls vs. the girls from Hi-Tops next door, who wins?

MP: We'd win. And we'd still have more clothes on.

Got Miss Pretties? E-mail dgigler@post-gazette.com.

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