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NFL Notebook: Comebacks by Porter, Hoge included in midseason awards
Since it's midseason, many publications are choosing their midseason All-Pro teams. The heck with that. Here are some other midseason awards: (11/9/2003)

AFC Notebook: Steelers already passed on Henson
It has been reported that Drew Henson is interested in the Steelers, and the Steelers might have interest in Henson. (11/9/2003)

NFC Notebook: Will it be Rattay by the Bay?
The Steelers might see a different quarterback when they play in San Francisco next Monday night. (11/9/2003)

NFL Notebook: No further review necessary
The use of instant replay to correct calls in the NFL will itself be challenged at the meetings next March, when it can be snuffed out by just nine of the league's 32 owners. (11/2/2003)

AFC Notebook: Will Chiefs flirt with perfection?
Halfway there, the Kansas City Chiefs are the last ones standing who can make a run at that most elusive of NFL records -- the perfect season that no one accomplished since the 1972 Miami Dolphins went 14-0 and swept three more victories in the postseason. (11/2/2003)

NFC Notebook: Giants reach deep for upset win (11/2/2003)
NFL Notebook: Even cellar dwellers have a shot in wide-open AFC North (10/26/2003)
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NFC Notebook: Stewart sits in Chicago (10/26/2003)
AFC Notebook: Bills' Williams on the hot seat (10/19/2003)
NFC Notebook: Tuna is Cowboys' catch of the day (10/19/2003)
NFL Notebook: So, what exactly makes a player Hall of Fame material? (10/12/2003)
NFC Notebook: Running game propels Panthers (10/12/2003)
AFC Notebook: Brunell sits in Jacksonville (10/12/2003)
NFL Notebook: Coaches' calls sometimes right even if they turn out wrong (10/5/2003)
AFC Notebook: Plummer stars for 4-0 Broncos (10/5/2003)
NFC Notebook: Haslett's contract better than team (10/5/2003)
NFL Notebook: Former Steeler Hoge prevailing in cancer battle (9/21/2003)
AFC Notebook: Starting rookie QB could cost Ravens playoff spot (9/21/2003)
NFC Notebook: Cardinals primed for 0-16? (9/21/2003)

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