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Penguins Notebook: MRI might produce, in best case, unlucky news for Straka
If Martin Straka's recent run of luck holds, the Magnetic Resonance Imaging examination of his injured back today will go one of two ways: Either the machinery will short-circuit and give him a major electrical jolt, or he'll receive a career-threatening dose of, well, magnetism. (9/10/2002)

NHL Notebook: Patience a key for Hurricanes
Officials of every team in the NHL have patience. Some just don't have much of it. (6/2/2002)

NHL Notebook: Patrick mulls strategy for shallow draft pool
High draft choices are, in most years, among the most valuable commodities in the NHL. The salvation of struggling franchises. The building blocks of contenders and champions. (5/26/2002)

Hockey: Penguins on hot seat with No. 5 draft spot
Everyone who cares, and a lot of people who don't, know by now that the Penguins will have the No. 5 choice in the NHL entry draft for the first time since 1990, when they picked up Jaromir Jagr. (5/19/2002)

Hockey: Penguins cast wary look to '04
It is, at least for the moment, little more than an annoying blip on the Penguins' long-range radar. (5/12/2002)

NHL Notebook: LeClair, Gagne fail to make impact for Flyers after Olympics (4/28/2002)
Penguins Notebook: Lemieux supports conference-only play (4/9/2002)
Penguins Notebook: Financial losses will not detract roster (4/2/2002)
Penguins Notebook: Nieminen sees fewer distractions on ice (3/26/2002)
Penguins Notebook: Success of second-round picks sparse (3/19/2002)
Penguins Notebook: Patrick active at trade deadline (3/12/2002)
Penguins Notebook: Stevens' career at peak with Penguins (3/5/2002)
Penguins Notebook: Penguins make point by giving them up (2/26/2002)
Penguins Notebook: Tocchet fond of former team (2/19/2002)
Penguins Notebook: Players don't agree that gold tops Cup (2/12/2002)
Penguins Notebook: Kehoe knows difficulty of ending career (2/5/2002)
Penguins Notebook: Constantine's style can be grating for some (1/29/2002)
Penguins Notebook: Penguins well aware of what is in a name (1/22/2002)
Penguins Notebook: Stevens was a driving force for Cup teams (1/15/2002)
Penguins Notebook: Lang, Kasparaitis valuable commodities (1/8/2002)

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