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Baseball: Time to bone up on your 'Clint' notes (7/28/2002)
Baseball: The many (forgotten) faces of baseball (7/21/2002)
Baseball: Maybe some teams wouldn't mind seeing more ties (7/14/2002)
Baseball: Answer to a prayer and other surprises (7/7/2002)
AL West: Who will the monkey shine on? (6/30/2002)
Memo to pitchers everywhere: Chance was there; you blew it (6/23/2002)
Baseball: Just like dear, ol' Dad used to do it (6/16/2002)
Baseball Notebook: Sometimes, one hit is all you really need (6/2/2002)
Baseball Notebook: The calendar says Memorial Day, but it feels a lot later (5/26/2002)
Baseball: The queen of all Canseco memories (5/19/2002)
Baseball: It's not easy being a two-timer, or is it? (5/12/2002)
Baseball Notebook: On the two-headed snake in the desert and other legends (5/5/2002)
Baseball Notebook: Furcal's Sunday afternoon three bags full (4/28/2002)
Baseball Notebook: A healthy serving of mystery from the plate of confusion (4/21/2002)
Baseball Notebook: A homer of historic (more than you think) proportions (4/14/2002)
Baseball: Is there a spot in this Hollywood lineup for a 'Rookie'? (4/7/2002)
Baseball Notebook: Not everything will be same old, same old at PNC Park in '02 (3/10/2002)
Baseball Notebook: Poking into trips of the trade (2/10/2002)
Baseball: Hair today, an icon tomorrow (1/13/2002)
Baseball Notebook: Yankees not always on the money (12/9/2001)

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