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Baseball Notebook: 5-5-5 -- The sign of a devil of a May night (5/11/2003)
Baseball Notebook: Flashbacks, trips and other 'Q' memories (5/4/2003)
Baseball Notebook: Detroit Loss City: Kiss 2003 goodbye (4/27/2003)
Baseball Notebook: 1979 -- It was a very, uh, long time ago (4/20/2003)
Baseball Notebook: Taking the mountain to Mohammed (4/13/2003)
Baseball Notebook: Welcome to your 15 minutes of fame, kid (4/6/2003)
Baseball Notebook: We'd like to thank the spring screwballs (3/23/2003)
Baseball Notebook: Godzilla's invasion intrigues the media (2/23/2003)
Baseball Notebook: Dark star / 30 light years in the making (1/19/2003)
Baseball Notebook: Get your box seats ... on the Monster? (11/17/2002)
Baseball Notebook: Time for goodbye / Jay, it ain't so (10/6/2002)
Baseball: One devil of a postseason all-star team (9/29/2002)
Baseball Notebook: It's about time they blew up Riverfront (9/22/2002)
Baseball Notebook: Update; Maybe monkeys really can fly (9/15/2002)
Baseball Notebook: In this case, 'A' does not stand for analysis (9/8/2002)
Baseball: Remembering the 'StRangers' of 1994 (9/1/2002)
Baseball Notebook / 8:30:02: Ashes to ashes, dirt to yogurt (8/25/2002)
Baseball: Barry, Reggie ... but Marcus Thames? (8/18/2002)
Baseball: Can't tell your Twins apart? Read on (8/11/2002)
Baseball: Prehistoric Byrd found in Kansas City (8/4/2002)

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