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Baseball Notebook: Hail Mary, Cubs full of grace?
Just because the regular season has been over for a week doesn't mean the game suddenly gets world serious. There was still plenty of unmeasured comments, unrequited curses and George Steinbrenner to go around. (10/5/2003)

Baseball Notebook: One 'hairy and scary' week in September
The final week of a playoff race can be an incredible ride. It can produce indelible images, unforgettable heroes and unbelievable reality TV. Sort of like "Survivor" without the bikini tops and Jenna Morasca. (9/28/2003)

Baseball Notebook: Losses and Tigers and Mets ... oh my!
In his ode to the 1962 New York Mets aptly titled "Can't Anybody Here Play This Game," noted New York chronicler Jimmy Breslin writes of a game -- one inning in fact -- in Cincinnati that August. (9/21/2003)

Baseball Notebook: Friends for life ... or something like it
If the Atlanta Braves were a television show, they would be "Friends. " Bobby Cox would move in across the hallway from Monica and Chandler, Greg Maddux would make the occasional cameo as Phoebe's brainy love interest who discovers that "Smelly Cat" is the only song he can dance to and Leo Mazzone would rock Rachel's baby to sleep each night while cooing sweet secrets of the split-finger fastball into her ear. (9/14/2003)

Baseball Notebook: A Giant heart in left in San Francisco
In years past, The Guy In The Stands would have taken advantage of the situation to fire off a one-liner. Headline: Barry Bonds taken to hospital with heart palpitations. (9/7/2003)

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