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Big Ten to experiment with program for instant replay
A comprehensive review of its football officiating requested by Penn State Coach Joe Paterno and Athletic Director Tim Curley, has been concluded by the Big Ten Conference. (8/15/2003)

Big Ten Notebook: Wisconsin's Bollinger signs on for rivalry with Ohio State
Terrell Owens' signature celebration in Seattle Monday night is making waves around the sporting world. But it's not the only controversial signature that is rousing an opponent and a fan base this week. (10/17/2002)

Big Ten Notebook: Mills not too sore to face Michigan
Penn State quarterback Zack Mills still has pain in his injured left (throwing ) shoulder, but he said it won't keep him out of the game Saturday at No. 13 Michigan. (10/10/2002)

Big Ten Notebook: Iowa proving it's a contender
If it makes Penn State fans feel any better, the team that pushed the Nittany Lions all over the field Saturday could be fighting for a conference championship in the final two months of the season. (10/3/2002)

Big Ten Notebook: Clarett to test injured knee
If Maurice Clarett ran for 230 yards and two touchdowns against No. 10 Washington State with an injured knee, what is he going to do against a defense like Northwestern's in a couple of weeks? (9/19/2002)

Penn State Notebook: Paterno dissatisfied with young linemen (9/18/2002)
Penn State Notebook: Victory boosts Lions' confidence (9/17/2002)
Big Ten Notebook: Illini struggling to stay on top (9/12/2002)
Big Ten Notebook: Parity is name of game (11/16/2000)
Big Ten Notebook: Michigan's recruiting national fit (11/9/2000)
Big Ten Notebook: Scoring up, but defenses are down (11/2/2000)
Big Ten Notebook: Purdue, Ohio State stage run for Roses (10/26/2000)
Big Ten Notebook: Big 10 team unlikely entry for title game (10/19/2000)
Bit Ten Notebook: Preseason rankings misleading (10/12/2000)
Big Ten Notebook: No one betting against spread (10/5/2000)
Big Ten Notebook: Blown calls stir debate over replay (9/28/2000)
Big Ten Notebook: Illinois primed for Big Ten run (9/21/2000)
Senneca relieves for struggling Casey (8/28/2000)
Paterno -- Last year forgotten (8/27/2000)

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