Pittsburgh, Pa.
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District Cars: New week, same story -- Rain wins
Although the checkered flag has not fallen on the 2003 racing season in Western Pennsylvania, the flagman has it in his hand. (9/28/2003)

District Cars: Swartzlander shines again
For the fourth time in the past six years, Brian Swartzlander is the V-8 modified champion at Lernerville Speedway. (8/31/2003)

District Cars: Atallah shakes early sputter
In June at Pittsburgh's Pennsylvania Motor Speedway, veteran late model drivers were routinely rolling into victory lane each Saturday night. (8/24/2003)

District Cars: Local racing loses a winner
The Western Pennsylvania racing community lost one of its more prolific drivers last week. (8/17/2003)

District Cars: Stars get start on ASA circuit
The American Speed Association has a history of producing drivers reaching NASCAR's highest ranks. (8/10/2003)

District Cars: Geisler racing toward dream (8/3/2003)
District Cars: Outlaws have eyes on Lynch (7/20/2003)
District Cars: Blaney eyes NASCAR gold (7/13/2003)
District Cars: Rivalries fierce at every level (6/15/2003)
District Cars: His racing pen is still mighty (6/1/2003)
District Cars: Crate motors hit Motordrome (5/4/2003)
District Cars: Big Beaver road course set (4/27/2003)
Amateur Auto Racing: The price of success (4/20/2003)
Auto Racing: Gordon's key to success? Get out of town (4/13/2003)
Auto Racing: Lynch's success tough to repeat (4/6/2003)
Victory Lane: Top drag racer Bernstein making a final run to remember (6/16/2002)
Victory Lane: Flinner says he has had enough; actions indicate otherwise (6/9/2002)
Victory Lane: Bolland accelerates to front of big-block modified division (5/26/2002)
Victory Lane: Outlaws believe series can coexist at two tracks in same region (5/19/2002)
Victory Lane: No solution to debate that's nearly as old as dirt -- and asphalt (5/12/2002)

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