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November 24, 2017
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Pirates: McClendon wary of trade

Says deal for pitcher could weaken team

Wednesday, March 28, 2001

BRADENTON, Fla. -- Cam Bonifay is still considering trades for a starting pitcher and is confident he can swing a deal, but Lloyd McClendon is among those who have advised him against making a deal that would hurt the Pirates' depth.

"Like I told Cam, don't feel any pressure from this staff, from this ballclub, that we're looking at you to do something just for the sake of doing it," McClendon said yesterday.

"I don't think he should give away the farm for somebody we don't know whether or not will have a definite impact on this team. We have a lot of quality down here, and I don't think we should just give them away. I believe trades should be good for both teams. I don't think it's as dire as people are painting the picture. We're going to be fine. We'll compete."

Bonifay said he and McClendon have had a long discussion about the rotation, which will be missing Kris Benson, Jason Schmidt and Francisco Cordova when the season opens next week.

"If you can make one trade, you want it to be the best one you can make. If you have one bullet to fire, you better, hopefully, hit the middle of the target with it," Bonifay said. "Hopefully, I've got two or three bullets. I want to get the best player without hurting this ballclub or taking away from this club. That's my main objective at this point, first and foremost."

If he stands pat, Bonifay said he would be confident in a rotation that includes Todd Ritchie, Terry Mulholland, Jimmy Anderson and Jose Silva, with Mulholland and Silva being borrowed from the bullpen. Although a fifth starter has yet to be announced, it appears Bronson Arroyo will claim the job. Arroyo's chief competition, Joe Beimel, pitched an inning in relief yesterday and Arroyo will start today.

"I feel confident with the starters," Bonifay said. "If we don't get anything done and we go into this season with this starting five, then they've pitched well enough and we have enough of a track record to know what they can give us. It might put different spin on what our bullpen looks like, but that could be the way we're going to go."

Galvez leaves camp

Balvino Galvez inexplicably left camp yesterday and might never be heard from again.

Galvez, 38, who pitched briefly for the Dodgers in 1986 but has not been in the big leagues for 15 years, was on the cusp of making the team, especially since the club likely will carry 12 pitchers.

But during a rundown drill yesterday, Galvez messed up a play and tossed the ball into the empty stands. He spoke briefly with pitching coach Spin Williams, who tried to show him the correct way of executing the drill. Then Galvez stalked off to the clubhouse, packed his bags and departed without saying a word. He moved faster than he did during the mile run early in camp, when he was the lone member of the 60-man camp to fail to finish in less than 7 minutes, 30 seconds.

"I'm as perplexed as you are," McClendon said. "Until I talk to him, I'd only be speculating. I may not ever talk to him."

Well, is Galvez still on the team?

"As far as I know, no. Anybody walks out of my camp, I certainly don't want him back under those circumstances," McClendon said. "As it stands now, I'm not taking 12. We only have 11 here."

Bonifay also could not explain Galvez's actions, but he did speak with his agent, Oscar Saurez. Bonifay indicated he thought Galvez could rejoin the team.

"I've never seen that done before," said Bill Taylor, 39, who signed as a free agent and is in line for a bullpen spot.

Mulholland spoke briefly with Galvez but had no answers.

"He left. If you find out what happened, let me know," Mulholland said with a shrug. "You'd think if he spent five weeks in camp, he'd stick around and find out if he made the team."

Pirates fall

The Pirates fell to 12-13-1 with yesterday's 10-5 loss to the Twins.

John Vander Wal, whose name is mentioned frequently in trade speculation, was 3 for 5 with an RBI while starting in right field. Jason Kendall had two hits, and Brian Giles, Kevin Young and Abraham Nunez each drove in a run.

Losing pitcher Clint Chrysler surrendered a two out, two-run homer to David Ortiz in the fifth inning, and Brian Buchanan followed with a solo shot.

Aramis Ramirez returned to the lineup after missing four games with a hamstring strain. He singled in two at bats.

Loiselle update

Rich Loiselle has no permanent damage in his neck and shoulder, but it might be a while before he's ready to pitch. Bonifay compared the knot in Loiselle's shoulder and neck to the one Jason Christiansen experienced last year.

"It doesn't look like any permanent damage," Bonifay said. "We've got to let that area totally quiet down. It's going to be awhile probably."

Brown still out

Adrian Brown missed his sixth consecutive start with soreness in his right shoulder, but McClendon is not concerned about the status of his starting center fielder. Brown received a cortisone shot a week ago to relieve inflammation.

"We're just being cautious," McClendon said. "He felt a heck of a lot better. He had a lot of strength back. Until he comes in and says, yeah, it's 100 percent, I'm not going to run him out there."

Rest for Benjamin

Mike Benjamin was on the field yesterday but was throwing left-handed. Resting a sore arm, he will throw Friday and then work out Saturday at PNC Park before it is determined whether he starts the season on the disabled list.

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