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Monday, February 23, 2004

Gentlemen's Night Out

Duck wasn't on the menu, but they were quacking up the guys during the champagne reception at Friday's 12th Annual Gentlemen's Night Out at the Westin Convention Center.

John Heller, Post-Gazette
Jack Mascaro flanked by sons Jeff, left, and John.
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Hosted once again by Jack Mascaro (with sons Jeff and John), the event to benefit the National Aviary featured the only Marshall Eagle in captivity in the United States, some macaws and a flock of web-footed friends. Of course, executive chef Bill Soriano was careful not to include any foul in the six-course feast that followed. Being greeted by bagpipes and a package of seven stogies was one way to raise testosterone levels. The star was really the cigar for most of the 130 guests who puffed between sips and some socializing. Among those invited to migrate to the Harvest Room after dinner for more of the same were Aviary executive director Dayton Baker, David Faller, Roy Cohen, Phil Abraham, Mike Fisher, Scott Bernstein, Jim Dietz, Bill DeWeese, Richard Beaty, Geoffrey Murken, Mel Rex, Scott Astorino, Tom Grealish and County Executive Dan Onorato.

-- Patricia Sheridan

Women's Press Club 113th Dinner

Two women who know the inner workings of Washington gave an insiders' view Saturday for members and guests of the Women's Press Club of Pittsburgh. The 113th Annual Awards Dinner at the Duquesne Club featured Elisabeth Bumiller, who started as The New York Times' White House correspondent on Sept. 10, 2001, and Cindy Skrzycki, a Washington Post writer who covers federal regulators in a weekly column. Both regaled guests with insightful observations about the subtle and overt exercise of power. Bumiller volunteered that President Bush's major strength is his position on national security, while his greatest weakness is the American economy's jobless recovery. For more than a decade, Skrzycki has done the hard digging necessary to examine the work of federal regulators, who make rules that strengthen or undermine federal laws. She is the author of "The Regulators: Anonymous Powerbrokers in American Politics." Among those listening intently were WPC co-presidents Marylynne Pitz and Pohla Smith, longtime members including Mary Ellen Leigh and Sylvia Sachs, Pittsburgh's new AP correspondent Jennifer Yates, PG executive editor David Shribman and Bill and Carolyn Byham.

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