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Monday, January 12, 2004

A decade of minority health

Proving nobody is immune to a good time, the Center for Minority Health held a 10th anniversary gala Friday night. After all the hoopla of the holidays, the formal affair at the University Club was just what the doctor ordered. The celebration was also a chance to honor six individuals and the Richard King Mellon Foundation, which gave the grant establishing the CMH in 1994.

Bonnee Wettlaufer sells the $10 "Lion King" program in the lobby (John Heller, Post-Gazette)
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Recognized for their professional and personal contributions were George Board (with Hattye), Philip Hallen (with Katheryn Linduff), Julius Jones, Donald Mattison, Nancy Washington (with Milt) and Dr. Art Levine, University of Pittsburgh Vice Chancellor for Health Sciences. Michael Watson accepted on behalf of the Richard King Mellon Foundation.

The center, part of the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health, was created to address the issues of racial and ethnic disparities in health. The goal is to eliminate those disparities by 2010, especially in priority areas including infant mortality, diabetes, AIDS, heart disease and cancer.

Greeting many of the more than 200 guests personally during the cocktail hour was CMH director Stephen Thomas with his wife, Sandra Quinn. Among those socializing after dinner and the program were Edgar and Lorraine Duncan, Cecilia Golden, Margaret Washington, Dr. Loren Roth, Bill Trueheart with Carol Word, Doris Carson Williams, Ian and Lucy Rawson, Drs. Andrea Fox and Ken Thompson, John Zoretich, Bill Strickland, Maggie McDonald, Judy Davenport, Veronica Sansing, Alda Walker, Clyde Jones and Rashida Dorsey.

Patricia Sheridan

Hair of the Dog

Peter Diana, Post-Gazette
Bob Imperata, Rebecca Flora, Bob O'Connor and Barbara McNees
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Willie looked almost aristocratic in his top hat, black tie and tail, but when he started licking the face of Burson Marsteller's Laura Gongos, well clearly, he was just kissing up. As director of marketing for the public relations/advertising firm in Pittsburgh, Gongos is used to some sycophantic behavior. But being a real canine at the firm's annual Hair of the Dog party Thursday night put Willie in pooch paradise, with guests petting and praising him as his owner, Dave Case, smiled proudly. For those without the real deal, little stuffed dogs were given out as party favors, a tradition that goes back to the first party 42 years ago. The Deja Vu Lounge in the Strip District was the venue for the fete, which also celebrated the firm's 50th anniversary. Adding to their collection of puppies were managing director Tom Dowling, brothers Jim and Tom Cuddy, Joe Baliban, Patty Paytas, Joan Stein, Bob O'Connor, Bill Flanagan, Peter Tedesco, Alan Boal, Barbara McNees and Jim Hodges.

-- P.S.

Waterworks 2004

Bob Cook and Jeannie McGuire (John Heller, Post-Gazette)
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The Pittsburgh Watercolor Society held the opening reception for its annual member exhibit at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh Friday night. Drinks and light hors d'oeuvres were served while guests took time to look over the paintings and catch up with friends. Society president Bob Cook with event chair Victor Beltran took a moment to recognize the six outstanding artists with $100 checks. They were Jeannie McGuire, Mark Bednar, Ron Thurston, Allen Maloney, Don Graeb and Linda Fruhwald. Two others, Catherine Weisz and Cal Lynch, received gift certificates. "It's a really stunning show," insisted Cook. The paintings are available for sale and will be on display in the Art Institute's lobby through January.

-- P. S.

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