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Monday, December 29, 2003

Toys, trains and cocktails

The holiday party season moved last evening to Westmoreland Museum of American Art in Greensburg, with a cocktail gala hosted by the museum's Women's Committee. The backdrop was the museum's 29th annual toy and train exhibition, "Home for the Holidays," which is funded by the Women's Committee and on view through Feb. 1.

Nancy Anderson, event chair, set the festive tone by greeting each guest with a "Happy New Year" and a glass of champagne. The edibles from Earnest Gourmet included knockout vermouth-marinated shrimp.

Among the revelers outfitted in Christmas red were Niki Kelly, Louise Kilgore and Marcia Kaminski (with Tom). Also seen: The Westmoreland's director/CEO Judith O'Toole (with Kevin), Ginny Grosscup, Becca Humphrey, Jack and Anne Robertshaw, David and Sue Jamison, Chuck Anderson, Don and Mary Lou Hacker, Terry and Debbie Reese, George Shaner and Michael Philopena, Sean and Candace Cassidy, Bill and Mariellen Stickel, Scott and Gretchen Brown, Dick and Barbara Flock, Don and Kaye Stohl, Tim Thompson and Alice Kaylor, Jack and Jeanie Snodgrass and Elizabeth and Dr. William Courtney.

-- Phyllis Pack

Master Class

Artist BurtonMorris gives Shoshana Kaplan a painting pointer. (Robin Rombach, Post-Gazette)
Click photo for larger image.

Artist Burton Morris took a break from designing this year's Academy Awards poster to spend Sunday afternoon painting with children at the Center for Creative Play. The Come Paint Party was actually a benefit kick-off for the center's second annual gala, "All Grown Up ... Still Playing," which will be held on April 17 with Morris as honorary chair.

Parents paid $300 a pop (with proceeds going to the center) to have the emperor of New Pop give an art lesson and a special gift to each child. Their works on canvas will be used as decorations for the gala, and Morris' can be seen on the NBC television shows "Friends" and "Just Shoot Me. " He's also known for artwork that celebrates "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood" and child-friendly clients like Warner Bros. and Walt Disney.

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