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Monday, December 01, 2003

Brava, Mimi!

Mimi Lerner and Ken Meltzer. (Martha Rial, Post-Gazette)
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Mezzo-soprano Mimi Lerner was feted Nov. 23 by the congregation she has served as cantorial soloist for 25 years. Rodef Shalom held a reception in her honor at the synagogue after which Lerner and soprano Ida Rae Cahana from Central Synagogue in Manhattan performed an ancient Hebrew prayer set to music by composer Michael Cohen. The work, which debuted at Central Synagogue the week before, was commissioned by Helen and Henry Posner Jr., Anne Molloy and Henry Posner III. Florence Herrup (with Lester) chaired the evening, and congregation president Alan Lesgold (with Sharon) presented Lerner with a commemorative watch. PSO spokesman and WQED-FM host Ken Meltzer sang her praises before the 250 guests sat down to a supper created by Bob Sendall. Enjoying the evening were co-chair Eileen Lane with Nick, Rabbi Michael Remson, Rabbi Emeritus Walter Jacob, Dr. Bernard and Polly Michaels, Sidney and Shirley Stark, Ruth and Burton Hirsch, Barbara and Alan Ackerman, Shoshana and Jerry Rosenberg, Susan and Peter Smerd, Stephanie and Bernard Mallinger and the Rodef Shalom Quartet.

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