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Monday, November 03, 2003

Magic of Mentoring

Bishop Donald Wuerl, Fred Thieman and Chuck Noll (Bill Wade, Post-Gazette)

Never underestimate the power to influence, especially the young, for whom a little direction goes a long way. That's why the Mentoring Partnership of Southwestern Pennsylvania's goal is to find quality, appropriate mentors for youth in need. The "Magic of Mentoring Recognition Event" on Wednesday night at Heinz Field honored Bishop Donald Wuerl. WQED's George Miles praised his work and presented him with the Thieman Award, named in honor of former U.S. attorney Fred Thieman. A lavish buffet kept the more than 700 guests busy filling their plates while some were using their pens to promote positive karma at the silent auction tables. Among them were board chair Chip Burke (with Laura), event chair Christina O'Toole, executive director Colleen Fedor, Peter Mathieson, Christa Washington, Tom and Mary Beth Buchanan, Nancy Zappala, Elsie Hillman, Chuck and Mariann Noll, L.C. Greenwood, , Ralph Pappa, Doug and Carol MacPhail and Mary Beth Johnson.

-- Patricia Sheridan

Star chef Joseph Tambellini dishing it out. (Peter M. Borsh, Post-Gazette)

March of Dimes Star Chefs

Apricot BBQ duck, fennel-walnut seared tuna loin, snapper in Thai shrimp sauce, braised lamb shoulder, autumn-flavored ice cream: The fare was Oscar-worthy Monday night when the March of Dimes presented its 2003 Star Chefs Gourmet Dining Event and Auction in the ballroom of the Pittsburgh Hilton and Towers. More than 700 guests roamed the range before settling in at festively decorated tables to dine in comfort. Marty David led the live auction, and Don Cannon served as master of ceremonies for folks including his daughter and son-in-law, Kelly and Jay Sukernek, Irma and Don Goertzen, Tom and Ellen Golonski, March of Dimes chair Debbi Linhart, Bill and Jean Hollowood, Frank Fuhrer III, Claudia and Ray Steeb, Susan McCarthy and Janice Friedman. The evening was chaired by Kim Tillotson-Fleming (with Curt) and Russell Livingston (with Shelby), and Brad Koeneman served as hospitality chair. Escorting 5-year-old youth ambassador Jessica Palmer were her parents, Carol and John Palmer.

-- Marylynn Uricchio

Mario and Nathalie Lemieux

Mario Lemieux Gala

What really motivates Mario? Sure, he's into pucks and goals and leadership roles, but assists off the ice are his favorite form of nice. Saturday at J. Verno Studios on the South Side, the Mario Lemieux Foundation held its Inaugural Gala to benefit pediatric leukemia research at the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute and Children's Hospital. Mario and wife Nathalie were the star attractions, causing flashbulbs to fire and fans to fawn. The event was inspired by the optimistic struggle of 5-year-old Trevor Perry, who must take 14 pills a day to battle the disease. The serious nature of the cause had the nearly 200 guests appreciating their good fortune and the uber-elegant party. Susie Franklin (with Charles) organized the black-tie event, bringing in Allan Harris and his band for a hot jazz performance that had everybody feeling cool. Among the hip with heart were chair Cliff Rowe (with Diane), U.S. Rep. Tim Murphy with Nan, Sally Levin, Perry and Lora Sigesmund, KDKA's Bob Pompeani, Penguins president Ken Sawyer (with Shirley), board president Tom Grealish, Steve and Tanya Reich, Tony and Margie Liberati, Chuck and Jenny Greenberg and foundation director Nancy Angus.

-- Patricia Sheridan

Carol Massaro and Christopher Radko (Pam Panchak, Post-Gazette

The Twenty-Five Club "Waddles"

Holidays collide and Mr. Christmas meets six of the seven dwarfs on Halloween at the Duquesne Club. It was the Twenty-Five Club of Magee Womens Hospital's annual luncheon Friday, and the guest of honor, ornament designer Christopher Radko, received the club's Humanitarian Award and spread some early holiday cheer with Waddles. Sales of his yellow duck ornament, created exclusively for the Twenty-Five Club, will benefit the hospital's Neonatal Unit. And if there weren't enough reasons to support baby life support, the Perry Sextuplets were carried in as visual aids. Dressed as Snow White's tiny entourage, their boo-hoos helped chair Carol Massaro's husband, Joe, get $2,100 each for four signed Radkos as he conducted the live auction. Wanting a Waddle were club president Terri Hastings, hospital president Irma Goertzen, Louis Anthony Jewelers' Lou and Veronica Guarino, Dolores Bold, Peggy Snavely, Patti Matty, Leslie Sargent, Norma Sobel, Arlene Sokolow, Nadine Bognar, Marsetta Schweiger, Susan Fitzsimmons, Barbara Mendlowitz, Clyde Jones, Frances Kane and Dr. Jon Watchko.

-- Patricia Sheridan

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