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Monday, September 22, 2003

Wild About Harry

Harry Schwalb, left, and partner Jay Dantry surrounded by Schwalb's art work at Concept Art Gallery in Regent Square. (John Heller, Post-Gazette)

Harry Schwalb's art is very much like Harry Schwalb the man -- precise, quirky, wry and charming. From his first exhibit 40 years ago to his latest on Thursday at Concept Art Gallery, his legion of fans has grown as steadily as his coterie of friends. The packed opening was testament to the great affection in which the art critic and author is held (Pittsburgh Magazine even gives out "The Harrys"). Joining Schwalb and his partner, Jay Dantry, were his son Adam Schwalb (now a Nashville councilman), Concept's Sam and Debbie Berkovitz, Bill and Myrna Hackney, Debbie Dodds, Steve Webster, Garth Massingill and Jim Stevenson, Barbara Luderowski and Michael Olijnyk, Dr. John McSorley, Ann and Allison Wardrop and Andy Warhol's niece, Madelyn Warhola. The exhibit continues through Oct. 11.

H'art and Soul of Haiti

Lucy Rawson, Robyn Hollingshead and Ian Rawson at the H'art and Soul of Haiti benefit. (Peter M. Borsh, Post-Gazette)

The view from the new terrace on top of CAPA was a cool addition to a hot party, the annual H'art and Soul of Haiti benefit for The Friends of Hopital Albert Schweitzer Haiti. Friends president Lucy Rawson (with husband Ian) and executive director Robyn Hollingshead welcomed more than 600 guests to the two-tiered event Friday at the Bitz Building. The sale of Haitian art kept everyone busy early in the evening as guests enjoyed an hors d'oeuvres buffet by Fresh. The late-night crowd turned up for the Tom Tom Club featuring Pittsburgh's own Chris Frantz and Tina Weymouth, co-founders of the Talking Heads. Perusing the paintings were chairs Judy and Ron Davenport, Debbie Dick, Audrey and Tim Fisher, Jerry and Rhonda Wade-Lopes, Dorothy and Richard Raizman and Roy and Susie Dorrance (representing her mother, Emma Sharp, who was honored). Also there were Francois Bitz, Mike Donnelly and Peggy Finnegan, Ranny and Jay Ferguson, Dr. Henri and Donna Ford, Kitty Hillman, Sue Frantz and Rod and Marcy Frantz, Tod and Mary Caroline Hunt and Dr. Stan Marks.

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