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Children's Hospital Free Care Fund

Parents whose children are in need of medical care shouldn’t have to worry about whether they have enough insurance or the money for treatment. Thankfully, since Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh opened their doors in 1890, no child in the tri-state area has been turned away for their parents’ lack to pay. Why? Because of the Free Care Fund.

In 1933, an editor of the Pittsburgh Press had a son who had been hospitalized at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. Wanting to show his appreciation to the care received at the hospital, the paper printed a souvenir edition and gathered former paper boys, but now successful businessmen, to walk through the community to sell it. The Press Old Newsboys were born! In 1993, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette purchased the Pittsburgh Press and adopted the Old Newsboys tradition.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is a media partner to the Free Care Fund, along with KDKA-TV and KDKA radio. The Post-Gazette provides advertising space to corporate partners of the Free Care Friend who donate $25,000 or more to the fund each year. The corporate partners then use that space to promote their Free Care activities.

Along with our commitment to other donors, the Post-Gazette raises money for the Free Care Fund through an internal employee fundraising campaign, donation canisters at convenience stores, and in-paper ads requesting donations from readers.

 If you want more information on the Post-Gazette’s involvement with Children’s Hospital, please e-mail us.

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