PG interactive: The PSO's European tour / 2010
Wednesday, May 12, 2010
Using this map
The Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra is embarking on a seven-nation tour of Europe that will take them to 10 cities in two weeks.

You can follow coverage from PG classical music critic Andrew Druckenbrod, who will be on the road with the symphony.

The numbers on the map represent the order of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra's performances. Clicking on each number will provide more information in this space here about each performance, including the conductor, the featured soloist and that day's program. You'll also be able to read a review of the performance, plus listen to an audio interview when they're available.

Alternatively, you can select the city name in the column to the left to see that information. The corresponding number on the map will be highlighted. To return to this screen at any time, select "» PSO tour: Home" at the top of the menu to the left.

Critics Andrew Druckenbrod and Scott Mervis talk about music on "The Beat," available exclusively at PG+, a members-only web site of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Our introduction to PG+ gives you all the details.
First published on May 12, 2010 at 12:00 am
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