The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful
Mother of Bristol Palin's intended busted for drugs
Compiled from wire and Web reports.

"This is not a state government matter," proclaimed Bill McAllister, spokesman for Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

Maybe so, but it's all they're talking about in The Last Frontier.

Sherry Johnston, whose son, Levi, is having a baby with Palin's daughter, Bristol, was arrested last week on drug charges, Alaska State Police said.

Johnston was arrested in her home in Wasilla, Alaska, on six felony counts of misconduct involving a controlled substance, police said.

The warrant resulted from an undercover investigation that "had been going on for a while," Alaska State Trooper spokeswoman Megan Peters said.

Peters would not describe the type or amount of drugs allegedly involved in the arrest, saying such disclosures "could hamper the investigation."

Deborah Miller, supervisor of the criminal department in the clerk's office in Palmer, Alaska, told CNN that Sherry Johnston was released on bail and is scheduled to be arraigned Jan. 6.

Kirsten Dunst has won a court's protection from a man who she says has recently trespassed at her home.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Richard E. Rico granted Dunst's request to order 25-year-old Christopher R. Smith to stay away from the actress, her personal assistant and any place they work.

Dunst did not appear during yesterday's court hearing. The request was granted without her attorney or witnesses having to make arguments. Smith did not attend the hearing and never responded to a temporary restraining order Dunst received in November.

Dunst, who has appeared in three "Spider-Man" films, wrote last month that she was "quite frightened" of Smith. He was arrested by Dunst's assistant last month after trespassing at her house.

Backstreet Boys singer Brian Littrell's 6-year-old son has been diagnosed with A-Typical Kawasaki Disease, an inflammation of the arteries that typically afflicts children.

In a post on his official Web site, Littrell, 33, confirmed the diagnosis, and says that his son, Baylee, was released from Atlanta's Scottish Rite Children's Hospital on Saturday.

Fans have poured out support for Littrell and his wife, Leighanne.

"We want to thank every one who prayed for us as well as all of the e-mails and phone calls," Littrell writes on his Web site. "Your love and support means so much to our family. ... We are humbled by the love and compassion that people have for our son all over the world, thank you!"

Page Six is reporting that Russell Crowe is blaming director Ridley Scott for the box office disaster "Body of Lies" -- their fourth collaboration -- and doesn't want to work with him again.

Spokesmen for Crowe, Scott and Universal, which is distributing the new Robin Hood flick "Nottingham" that they're working on, flatly deny any discord between the actor and the director.

"Ridley is the only one who is willing to stand up to Russell and tell him he's too fat and that he can't show up four hours late to the set," said one source. "He [Russell] wants someone he can control."