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April 20, 2018
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Penguins One save by Hedberg makes believer out of Sabres' Biron

Saturday, April 28, 2001

BUFFALO, N. Y. -- Of the 25 saves Penguins goaltender Johan Hedberg made Thursday, none impressed the Buffalo Sabres more than one which appeared effortless.

With four minutes left in the second period, Buffalo center Doug Gilmour spun inside the right circle and fed a sharp cross-ice pass to left winger Steve Heinze at the left dot. And Heinze made no mistake, one-timing a blast to the net.

But Hedberg slid left to right -- smoothly, without leaving his skates -- and did it so rapidly that it looked as if he had been waiting for Heinze to shoot before Heinze pulled the trigger. The puck struck his right leg pad.

That stop drew raves from Martin Biron, Buffalo's backup goaltender.

"Hedberg beats the pass," Biron said. "You know, there's a saying that if a pass goes from A to B, you have to be set for B before the guy takes a shot. Steve shot a hard one-timer, but Hedberg was square to Steve at the same time he got the puck."

That made Heinze's dangerous scoring chance seem rather tame, Biron said.

"When you see a goalie doing that, you know he's on his game. I remember going to hockey school when I was a kid, and they would show us video of Patrick Roy doing that. The pass would go boom-boom, and Patrick would be right there. They would tell us, 'Look, see how the puck ended up in his chest?' Hedberg is like that. It hits him in the chest all the time because he's square when the guy is taking the shot."

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