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April 20, 2018
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Latest deaths for Nov. 4, 2002

Monday, November 04, 2002

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

The Post-Gazette's comprehensive listings of recent deaths include two types of obituaries. News obituaries, prepared by our staff, are published at the discretion of our editors. Links to staff-written obituaries contain the individual's name. To suggest a news obituary, call 412-263-1601.

The "Latest Deaths" report below is provided as a public service. We accept information for this list only from funeral directors and representatives of crematoriums and memorial societies, who may call 412-263-1601 from 9 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Some names in the list of latest deaths are followed by a "CO", which indicates that a Classified Obituary has been published for this individual. Previous latest deaths reports designated these listings with a "DN." Funeral directors may place classified obituaries by calling 412-263-1371. To go to our list of classified obituaries, click here. Those wishing to express condolences or share memories can sign a guest book or post photos of the deceased at that section of the Web site.


ALLEN, Dorothea, 75, of Wilkinsburg, died Oct. 31. Spriggs-Watson Funeral Home, Homewood. (CO)

ANTOINE, Richard J. Jr., of Munhall, died Nov. 2. Jefferson Memorial Funeral Home, Pleasant Hills. (CO)

BEEBE, David James, 85, of Penn Hills, died Oct. 31. Thomas D. English Funeral Home, Oakmont. (CO)

BELLE, Frank "Lefty," 76, of Bethel Park, died Nov. 2. David J. Henney Funeral Home, South Park Township. (CO)

CALLOWAY, Joyce A., of Penn Hills, died Nov. 2. Gaines Funeral Home, East Liberty. (CO)

CARRINGTON, Arthur E. "Bo," 68, of Bethel Park, died Nov. 2. Beinhauer-Connell Funeral Home, Bethel Park. (CO)

CHAHINE, George Z., 64, of Green Tree, died Nov. 1. Beinhauer Mortuary, Beechview. (CO)

DAVID, Mary Patricia, 82, of Crafton, died Nov. 1. Schepner-McDermott Funeral Home, Crafton. (CO)

DEKRET, Joseph W., 83, of Monroeville, died Oct. 31. Gene H. Corl Funeral Center, Monroeville. (CO)

DePALMA, Margaret Brunner, 89, of North Braddock, died Nov. 2. Ronald V. Lucas Funeral Home, North Braddock. (CO)

DIETTINGER, Mildred W., of the South Side, died Oct. 31. John J. Gmiter Funeral Home, South Side. (CO)

DULEMBA, Sophie R. Masiak "Sally," 87, of Lawrenceville, died Nov. 2. Walter J. Zalewski Funeral Home, Lawrenceville. (CO)

EICHENLAUB, Carl E. Jr., 79, of Indiana Township, died Nov. 1. Bock Funeral Home, Shaler. (CO)

GADELMEYER, Sue, 92, of Port Vue, died Nov. 3. Jaycox-Jaworski Funeral Home, McKeesport. (CO)

GOLDSTEIN, Julia J., of Squirrel Hill, died Nov. 2. Ralph Schugar Chapel, Shadyside. (CO)

GONDRINGER, Joan Wolf, of Shaler, died Oct. 31. T.B. Devlin Funeral Home, Ross. (CO)

GREGOR, Nancy J., died Nov. 2. Thomas P. Kunsak Funeral Home, Brighton Heights. (CO)

HARROWER, Hazel C., of North Versailles, formerly of Wilkinsburg, died Nov. 2. Forgie-Snyder Funeral Home, East McKeesport. (CO)

HOCKETT, Yvonne "Mann," 50, died Oct. 31. Spriggs-Watson Funeral Home, Homewood. (CO) HOLIAN, Rita A., 76, of Munhall, died Nov. 3. George Irvin Green Funeral Home, Munhall. (CO)

HUTCHINSON, Deirdre Wheeler, 49, died Nov. 2. John A. Freyvogel Sons Funeral Home, Oakland. (CO)

JOHLER, Mary S. Omasta, 95, of Bridgeville, died Nov. 1. Bogan-Wolf Funeral Home, Bridgeville. (CO)

KANDZER, Stella, of Shaler, died Nov. 3. Neely Funeral Home, Shaler. (CO)

KANIA, Kathryn S. Martrano, died Nov. 3. Thomas P. Kunsak Funeral Home, Brighton Heights. (CO)

KEAY, Kenneth E., 48, of the North Side, died Nov. 3. Heard Funeral Home, North Side. (CO)

KIMMELMAN, Morris "Moe," 96, died Nov. 2. Strifflers Funeral Home, White Oak. (CO)

KRISTOPOVICH, Elma A. Colantoni, of Stowe, died Nov. 1. Anthony Musmanno Funeral Home, McKees Rocks. (CO)

KUTCHMARK, Mary E., 93, formerly of Clinton, died Nov. 3. Valerian F. Szal Funeral Home, McKees Rocks.

LAURIC, Jeffrey J., 38, of Plum, died Nov. 2. Soxman Funeral Home, Roth Chapel, Penn Hills.

LEHRMAN, Royal M., died Nov. 2. Boron Funeral Home, Carrick. (CO)

LEWIS, June Allen, died Nov. 2. Samuel E. Coston Funeral Home, East Liberty. (CO)

LUFFEY, Helen Kline, 89, of Penn Hills, died Nov. 2. Soxman Funeral Homes, Roth Chapel, Penn Hills. (CO)

MAGES, Laura J. Hannon, of McCandless, died Nov. 2. T.B. Devlin Funeral Home, Ross. (CO)

McGRATH, Daniel C., 41, of Carrick, died Nov. 1. Cieslak & Tatko Funeral Home, Brentwood. (CO)

McLAUGHLIN, Josephine J. Defeo "Phena," 79, formerly of Duquesne Heights, died Nov. 1. William Slater and Sons Funeral Home, Mount Washington. (CO)

McNAMARA, Francis J. "Frank," 73, of Bellevue, died Nov. 2. Lawrence T. Miller Funeral Home, Bellevue. (CO)

MIKULA, John P., of Turtle Creek, formerly of West Mifflin, died Nov. 1. Patrick T. Lanigan Funeral Home, Turtle Creek. (CO)

MULLER, Julia, died Nov. 3. Szafranski-Eberlein Funeral Home, Carnegie. (CO)

NESTOR, William D., 52, of Plum, died Nov. 2. Burket-Truby Funeral Home, Oakmont. (CO)

NEWPORT, Marjorie Hawtree, 71, of Penn Hills, died Nov. 2. Charles W. Trenz Funeral Home, Penn Hills. (CO)

PARRISH, Patricia, 63, of Carnegie, formerly of Leetsdale, died Nov. 3. Copeland's Funeral Home, Coraopolis. (CO)

PETRUSKA, Marie Midanowski, of Avalon, died Oct. 31. Thomas P. Kunsak Funeral Home, Brighton Heights. (CO)

PIVAK, Stephanie J. Hloznik, of Greenfield, formerly of Natrona, died Nov. 2. Edward P. Kanai Funeral Home, Greenfield. (CO)

PRINCE, Regina Jeannette Gardner, died Nov. 1. Samuel E. Coston Funeral Home, East Liberty. (CO)

REAOCH, Rose B., 83, of Stowe, died Nov. 2. Anthony M. Musmanno Funeral Home, McKees Rocks. (CO)

RYAVE, Lillian, 76, of Squirrel Hill, died Nov. 2. H. Samson Funeral Home, Oakland. (CO)

SCHMITT, Anthony A., of Allison Park, died Nov. 2. Bock Funeral Home, Shaler. (CO)

SCHOFFSTALL, Robert M., 73, of Sheraden, died Nov. 2. William F. Conroy Funeral Home, Sheraden. (CO)

SCHRADER, Lois R., 68, of Green Tree, died Nov. 3. Hershberger-Stover Funeral Home, Crafton. (CO)

SHIRLEY, Fred E., 66, of Wilkinsburg, died Nov. 1. Ralph Schugar Chapel, Shadyside.

SHORTZ, Grace Johnson, 94, of Sewickley, formerly of Swissvale, died Nov. 2. Copeland's Irvine Chapel, Sewickley. (CO)

SLACK, Laura R., of Hampton, died Nov. 2. Neely Funeral Home, Shaler. (CO)

STIMPEL, Lois E., of Shaler, died Nov. 3. Bock Funeral Home, Shaler. (CO)

TANGLOS, Tasso, 66, of Oakland, died Nov. 3. John N. Elachko Funeral Home, Oakland.

THOMAS, Todd Rowlands, 45, of West View, died Nov. 1. Neely Funeral Home, Shaler. (CO)

THOMPSON, Deborah Jordan, 46, of the Hill District, died Nov. 3. Percy E. Law Jr. Funeral Home, Wilkinsburg.

TOUGHER, Mary M., of Forest Hills, died Nov. 2. Robert P. Karish Funeral Home, Braddock Hills. (CO)

VALENZA, Orland A. "Orie," of Shaler, died Nov. 3. Worrell Funeral Home, Sharpsburg. (CO)

VILLANI, Edith G., 91, of Upper St. Clair, died Nov. 2. Beinhauer Mortuary, Peters. (CO)

WALSH, Robert J., died Nov. 3. William F. O'Brien Funeral Home, North Side. (CO)

WHELAN, Richard O. "Dick," 76, died Nov. 2. William Slater and Sons Funeral Home, Mount Washington. (CO)

WILHELM, Mary Jane, formerly of Brookline, died Nov. 3. Frank F. DeBor Funeral Home, Brookline. (CO)

WYSOWSKI, Walter C., died Nov. 2. Thomas J. Gmiter Funeral Home, South Side. (CO)

ZABOROWSKI, Stella M. "Zab," of Lawrenceville, died Nov. 1. Daniel T. D'Alessandro Funeral Home, Lawrenceville. (CO)


CHECCA, Gilio "Ted," 81, of Cecil, died Nov. 2. Eugene C. Coleman Funeral Home, Cecil. (CO)

HUDOCK, Mary M., 68, of Finleyville, died Nov. 2. Kegel Funeral Home, Finleyville. (CO)


BRAUN, Audene Marie Baker Kunselman, 79, of Export, died Nov. 2. Bash-Nied Funeral Home, Delmont.

WALTER, Robert C. Jr., 73, of Ligonier, formerly of Edgewood, died Nov. 2. Snyder Funeral Home, Ligoner. (CO)

WETZEL, D. Glenn, 91, of Lower Burrell, died Nov. 2. Ross G. Walker Funeral Home, New Kensington. (CO)

ZIMMERMAN, Boisie, 75, of North Huntingdon, died Nov. 1. Shirley-Kukich Funeral Home, North Huntingdon.


BLAUVELT, Margaret Pollick, 66, of Lexington, Ky., died Oct. 30. Jobe Funeral Home, Turtle Creek. (CO)

HOOD, Betsy H., 64, of Arcadian Shores, S.C., formerly of Pittsburgh, died Nov. 1. McMillan-Small Funeral Home, Myrtle Beach, S.C. (CO)

KITCHEN, Richard A. Sr. "Dick," 59, of Royal Palm Beach, Fla., formerly of Mt. Lebanon, died Oct. 31. Jefferson Memorial Park Funeral Home, Pleasant Hills. (CO)

SCULLY, William M., 90, of Ogden Dunes, Ind., formerly of Braddock, died Nov. 2. Rees Funeral Home, Portage, Ind. (CO)

SILVASY, Gertrude, 71, of Tampa, Fla., formerly of Pittsburgh, died Nov. 2. Anthony G. Staab Funeral Home, West End. (CO)

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