Newspapers in Education

NIE Sponsorships

Adopt-A-School Program

Individuals and small businesses that want to sponsor area schools with newspapers can do so through the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Adopt-A-School program. For $35.00, a sponsor can provide a school with a total of 875 newspapers that can then be divided into classroom sets of 5 or more papers during the school year. Of course, sponsors can adopt for a greater amount and increase the number of newspapers a school receives.

Whatever a sponsor decides, teachers and students appreciate the contribution Ė and itís tax deductible! The sponsorís name, business or organization and the name of the sponsored school will appear in the Adopt-A-School thank you ad that runs during the school year. Itís our way of saying thanks to our sponsors.

For more information or to adopt a school, please call us at (412) 263-1551 or email us at or call us at (412) 263-1551.

Corporate Sponsorship Program

For a minimum of $500, local companies can become corporate sponsors. Just like Adopt-A-School sponsors, corporate sponsors may choose the schools. Or we can add the donation to the corporate sponsorship funds used for schools that request sponsored copies of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette throughout the year.

Vacation Donation

Prepaid home-delivery customers have the opportunity to donate the monetary value of their subscriptions to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Newspaper in Education program when they go on vacation. Donations are used to provide sponsored newspapers to area classrooms.

Donation Option

Prepaid customers also have the option of donating $2.00 or more to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Newspaper in Education program when they pay their invoices. The donations are used for sponsored newspapers in area schools.