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ObituarySouth: Juene Hardington / Well-known drugstore clerk

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

By Al Lowe, Tri-State Sports & News Service

Her daughter called Juene Hardington of Munhall "the best-known drugstore clerk in the Homestead-Munhall area."

Ms. Hardington would often trudge through heavy snows to open up Moxley's Drug Store in the mornings.

She worked there in the 1990s and had previously worked at other area drug stores as cashier and waitress. "She loved her work. She never called off," daughter Lynne Kinney of Whitaker said. "She thought she ran the drugstores."

She'd make friends while serving someone a vanilla Coke. "She'd also chase someone down Eighth Avenue who tried to steal a candy bar and would later become friends with him too," her daughter said. "Everyone called her Aunt Juene."

Ms. Hardington, 77, died of a stroke Sept. 26 at Jefferson Hospital.

She got her name because her family expected her to be born in June. Instead, she came in April.

One relative suggested a French-like spelling of the name, which she thought should be Juene. The French spelling of June is actually Juin.

Ms. Hardington's first job was as cashier at Wohlfarth Bakery in Homestead at age 16. She later worked at Sherman's Pharmacy in Munhall, Weldon's Pharmacy in Munhall, Homestead Drug and Moxley's.

She had two minor claims to fame.

She is in the background of a scene in "The Silence of the Lambs" filmed at Moxley's, which substituted for a fictional pharmacy in Ohio. The drugstore staff received photos autographed by Jodie Foster.

Ms. Hardington was amazed at how many times her simple scene had to be refilmed. "The life of a movie star was not for her," her daughter said.

She was also first in line when Food Lane in Munhall, which closed after a fire, reopened. A local paper published her photo.

She was married years ago but was divorced.

She spent recent years as a resident at the Parkview Towers apartment complex in Munhall and helped deliver Post-Gazettes to the other apartments.

Besides her daughter, she is survived by a brother, Thomas Hardington of Munhall. Services were held Saturday at the George Irvin Green funeral home in Munhall.

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