Sex-filled 'Kaboom' engulfed in silliness (3/25/2011)
 GameDaze: 'MLB11: The Show' (3/24/2011)
 JFilm festival offers baseball, inspiration and more on the first weekend (3/24/2011)
 New to DVD: 'Skyline' 'The Tourist' and 'How Do You Know'  (3/24/2011)
 'Paul' provides a fun and wild sci-fi ride down alien memory lane  (3/18/2011)
 Matthew McConaughey makes compelling case for 'Lincoln Lawyer' (3/18/2011)
 'Ip Man 2' kicks with martial arts action (3/18/2011)
 Tense, clever 'Limitless' explores pros and cons of brain power (3/18/2011)
 GameDaze: "Beyond Good and Evil HD" "Mario Sports Mix," and "Hard Corps: Uprising" (3/17/2011)
 New to DVD: "The Fighter," "The Switch" and "Hereafter" (3/17/2011)
 'Casino Jack' depends on a gamble that doesn't pay off (3/11/2011)
 'Red Riding Hood' cloaks a weak film  (3/11/2011)
 Alien invasion action flick 'Battle: Los Angeles' plays like a recruitment movie for the military (3/11/2011)
 'Mars Needs Moms' is a sci-fi hodgepodge  (3/11/2011)
 New to DVD: 'The Next Three Days,' 'Morning Glory' and 'The Walking Dead: Complete First Season' (3/10/2011)
 Sophisticated, adult-caliber humor highlights the animated 'Rango'  (3/4/2011)
 'The Adjustment Bureau' a good romantic thriller  (3/4/2011)
 'Beastly' offers a passable teen love story (3/4/2011)
 Nicolas Cage brings respectability to 'Drive Angry'  (2/26/2011)
 Take a pass on 'Hall Pass' (2/25/2011)
 Unfunny 'Big Mommas' turns into a real drag  (2/19/2011)
 Oscar-nominated shorts offer a little something for everyone (2/18/2011)
 'I Am Number Four' delivers sci-fi action thrills and a good story (2/18/2011)
 'Unknown' taps into the fear of losing one's identity  (2/18/2011)
 New to DVD: 'Mystery Train' and 'Waiting for Superman' (2/17/2011)

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