Leading man Taylor Lautner shines in 'Abduction,' but script leaves audience less satisfied (9/23/2011)
 'Killer Elite' fills bill as tough-guy film  (9/23/2011)
 'Moneyball' hits a home run  (9/23/2011)
 Family friendly 'Dolphin Tale' entertains  (9/23/2011)
 Film Reviews: 'Brighton Rock' stylish; subplots mar 'Circumstance' (9/23/2011)
 'The Interrupters' chronicles those trying to stem tide of street violence (9/22/2011)
 GameDaze: 'Gears of War 3' (9/22/2011)
 New to DVD: 'Bridesmaids' (9/22/2011)
 'The Legend Is Born' offers another take on Bruce Lee's mentor (9/19/2011)
 'I Don't Know How She Does It': lame (9/16/2011)
 No clean getaway in 'Drive' (9/16/2011)
 'Mozart's Sister' a moving portrait  (9/16/2011)
 Years of film violence absorb shock of 'Straw Dogs'  (9/16/2011)
 'The Future' delivers a reflective fantasy  (9/16/2011)
 'Whistleblower' tries too hard to be earnest (9/16/2011)
 New to DVD: 'Thor' (9/15/2011)
 New to DVD: 'Conan O'Brien Can't Stop' (9/15/2011)
 'Creature' acting, plot below par (9/12/2011)
 Fear spreads in 'Contagion'  (9/9/2011)
 'Magic Trip' takes psychedelic ride with Pranksters (9/9/2011)
 'Life, Above All' deftly handles life, death issues (9/9/2011)
 Made-in-Pittsburgh 'Warrior' layers brutality with tale of family heartbreak and redemption (9/9/2011)
 Gospel fans have reason to 'Rejoice and Shout' (9/8/2011)
 The Post-Gazette's 2011 Fall Arts Preview (9/8/2011)
 New to DVD: 'Everything Must Go' and 'Hanna' (9/8/2011)

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