'Everyday Sunshine' documents Fishbone's rough ride  (12/13/2011)
 'The Women on the 6th Floor' could use a little more pepper  (12/9/2011)
 'The Sitter' a terrible comedy that plumbs depths of ignorance (12/9/2011)
 A frothy 'New Year's Eve' bubbles up like champagne but then goes flat (12/9/2011)
 New to DVD: 'The Hangover Part II,' 'The Help' and 'Cowboys and Aliens' (12/8/2011)
 New to DVD: '24/7 Penguins/Capitals: Read to the NHL Winter Classic,' '30 Minutes or Less' and 'One Day' (12/1/2011)
 'Skin I Live In' peels the layers of sex, obsession and revenge (12/1/2011)
 GameDaze: 'Saints Row: The Third' and 'Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3' (12/1/2011)
 Documentary 'Into the Abyss' examines effects of heinous crime  (12/1/2011)
 Michelle Williams captures essence of Marilyn Monroe in well-acted 'My Week With Marilyn' (11/25/2011)
 New to DVD: 'Super 8' and 'Sarah's Key' (11/24/2011)
 'Melancholia' artistically exposes the ravages of depression (11/23/2011)
 George Clooney delivers Oscar-worthy performance in 'The Descendants'  (11/23/2011)
 Star-studded, funny 'Muppets' pays homage to old TV show  (11/23/2011)
 Delightful 'Arthur' is an original adventure  (11/23/2011)
 Scorsese's 3-D 'Hugo' a visual tour de force  (11/23/2011)
 'Twilight' lovers wed in 'Breaking Dawn -- Part 1,' then all hell breaks loose (11/18/2011)
 Long, complicated 'Happy Feet Two' retains some cuteness (11/18/2011)
 'Like Crazy' explores the pain and pleasure of long-distance love (11/18/2011)
 New to DVD: 'Larry Crowne,' 'Beginners' (11/17/2011)
 A 'new' silent film 'From Morning to Midnight' speaks volumes (accompanied by Alloy Orchestra) (11/17/2011)
 'Joanna' tells a haunting tale of WWII Poland (11/15/2011)
 'Black Thursday' recalls early days of Polish revolt against Soviet rule (11/12/2011)
 Sandler's 'Jack and Jill' runs up funny hill (11/11/2011)
 'Woman With Five Elephants' translates into a fine documentary  (11/11/2011)

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