Movie review: 'Nobody Else But You' is an intriguing noir  (7/5/2012)
 New to DVD: 'The Hunter' 'God Bless America' 'Rocko's Modern Life' 'Joe + Bell' and 'The Casserole Club' (7/5/2012)
 Movie review: 'Amazing' Spidey takes off  (7/2/2012)
 Movie review: 'Magic Mike' sure to cast a spell  (6/29/2012)
 Movie review: 'Where Do We Go' puts Christian-Muslim spin on 'Lysistrata' (6/29/2012)
 Movie review: Crude overwhelms cute in MacFarlane's 'Ted'  (6/29/2012)
 Movie review: Jilted bride reclaims her life in 'Lola Versus'  (6/29/2012)
 Movie review: 'People Like Us' gets tangled in family affairs (6/29/2012)
 Movie review: 'Safety Not Guaranteed' takes moviegoers on wild sci-fi ride (6/29/2012)
 New to DVD: 'The Artist' 'Mirror, Mirror' '21 Jump Street' (6/28/2012)
 Filmmaker, Jules Hart, found compelling story in women fighting for ordination. (6/27/2012)
 Movie review: 'The Invisible War' goes to battle against military rape (6/27/2012)
 Movie review: 'Gerhard Richter Painting' rewards with intimate look at artist (6/22/2012)
 Movie review: 'Seeking a Friend for the End' a fatalistic, funny look at last days (6/22/2012)
 Movie review: Fiery Merida breaks the mold for Pixar's female personalities in 'Brave'  (6/22/2012)
 Movie review: 'Moonrise Kingdom' full of old-fashioned fantasy (6/22/2012)
 Movie review: Abe's a bust at vanquishing vampires in 'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter' (6/22/2012)
 New to DVD: 'Save the Whales' 'Jeff, Who Lives at Home' and 'Project X' (6/21/2012)
 Movie review: 'Hysteria' hums with good vibrations (6/15/2012)
 Movie review: Tom Cruise is the high note in so-so movie adaptation of 'Rock of Ages' (6/15/2012)
 Movie review: 'That's My Boy' a juvenile offender  (6/15/2012)
 Movie review: Snoozer 'Beyond the Black Rainbow' is all ambience, no substance (6/15/2012)
 New to DVD: 'Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows' and 'Episodes' (6/14/2012)
 Movie review: 'First Position' explores performers' joy, pain  (6/14/2012)
 Games, not devices, the highlight at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (6/9/2012)

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