Movie review: 'Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry' captures a life of art and activism (8/29/2012)
 Movie review: 'Lawless' comes on like strong moonshine but loses its kick  (8/29/2012)
 Movie review: '2016' film a conservative vision of Barack Obama's second term (8/28/2012)
 Movie review: 'Apparition' hasn't a ghost of a chance to be good (8/25/2012)
 Game review: 13 is lucky for classic 'Madden 13' (8/25/2012)
 Movie review: In 'Premium Rush,' bicycle messengers duel over a mystery package (8/24/2012)
 Movie review: French wreak havoc for '2 Days in New York'  (8/24/2012)
 New to DVD: 'The Dictator' and 'Revenge: The Complete First Season' (8/23/2012)
 Movie review: 'Hit & Run' a fun-filled ride  (8/22/2012)
 Movie review: 'Sparkle' with Sparks lacks certain something  (8/17/2012)
 Movie review: 'Expendables 2' provides more bang for the buck  (8/17/2012)
 Movie review: Plush 'Farewell, My Queen' bakes up a different Marie Antoinette (8/17/2012)
 Movie review: Monster movie 'ParaNorman' mixes dark journey with clever comedy (8/17/2012)
 Movie review: Neil Young revisits his old stomping grounds in the brilliant 'Journeys' (8/16/2012)
 New to DVD:'The Hunger Games' (8/16/2012)
 Movie review: 'Take This Waltz' deftly steps through marriage losing steam  (8/16/2012)
 Movie review: A charming 'Odd Life of Timothy Green' (8/15/2012)
 Movie review: Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis lampoon the political process in 'The Campaign' (8/10/2012)
 Movie review: Odd couple form a moving bond in 'Take-Away' (8/10/2012)
 Movie review: 'Bourne Legacy' tough to follow  (8/10/2012)
 Movie review: Novelist pages perfect girl in 'Ruby'  (8/10/2012)
 Movie review: Iranian director's iPhone film captures act of courage in 'This is Not a Film' (8/9/2012)
 New to DVD: 'Dr. Seuss' Lorax' (8/9/2012)
 Movie review: Stunts turn slick in 'Nitro Circus' (8/8/2012)
 Movie review: 'Hope Springs' flows with drama, splashes of laughs (8/8/2012)

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