Movie review: 'Liberal Arts' earns passing grade (10/19/2012)
 Reel Q fest wraps up (10/18/2012)
 New to DVD: 'Madagascar 3' 'Chernobyl Diaries' and 'That's My Boy' (10/18/2012)
 Movie review: 'V/H/S' horror shorts unspool in bloody fashion (10/15/2012)
 Movie review: Latest 'Atlas Shrugged' has little new but the cast (10/13/2012)
 Movie review: Documentary puts real face on 'Bill W.' (10/12/2012)
 Movie review: 'Here Comes the Boom' a little ragged but still entertaining (10/12/2012)
 Movie review: Excellent cast delivers in 'Seven Psychopaths'  (10/12/2012)
 Movie review: 'Sinister' scares up some chills (10/12/2012)
 Movie review: 'Sugar Man' documentary a deftly woven tale of mystery (10/12/2012)
 Movie review: 'Argo's' fine performances and taut script result in a compelling tale about '79 Iran embassy siege (10/12/2012)
 DVD reviews: 'Rock of Ages'; 'The Raven'; 'Prometheus' (10/11/2012)
 'Cloudburst' is a lively start for Reel Q festival (10/11/2012)
 Movie review: This time, it's viewers who get 'Taken'  (10/5/2012)
 Movie review: Humor, pain mix in 'Chicken With Plums' (10/5/2012)
 Movie review: Comedy and horror is stitched together in 'Frankenweenie' (10/5/2012)
 Movie review: 'Head Games' a frightening look at high-collision sports  (10/4/2012)
 New to DVD: 'Dark Shadows' and 'People Like Us' (10/4/2012)
 Video Game review: Despite flaws, 'Resident Evil 6' worth a shot (10/3/2012)
 Movie review: Families welcome at 'Hotel Transylvania' (9/28/2012)
 Movie review: School of harsh knocks portrayed in 'Won't Back Down'  (9/28/2012)
 Movie review: 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower' a tender tribute to a time and our town (9/28/2012)
 Movie review: 'Pitch Perfect' hits notes sour and sweet (9/28/2012)
 Movie review: 'Looper' takes a wild ride through time (9/28/2012)
 Movie review: Actors pitch a solid game in 'Trouble With the Curve'  (9/21/2012)

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