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 Movie review: Mother steals the show in 'Carrie' remake (10/18/2013)
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 Movie review: 'Fifth Estate' exposes Wikileaks whistle-blower (10/18/2013)
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 Reel Q Festival continues with 'Hot Guys With Guns' and 'Alice Walker: Beauty in Truth' (10/17/2013)
 Classic film 'Sweet Smell of Success' gets special showing (10/11/2013)
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 Movie review: 'Machete' brainless comic-book fun (10/11/2013)
 Movie review: 'Romeo & Juliet' still captivates (10/11/2013)
 New to DVD this week (10/10/2013)
 Game review: Dramatic impact bolsters 'Two Souls' (10/9/2013)
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 Movie review: 'Haute Cuisine' plot not haute enough  (10/4/2013)
 Movie review: Run away fast from dull 'Runner Runner'  (10/4/2013)
 'Populaire' finds French fun at keys of a typewriter (10/4/2013)
 Movie review: Dark 'Blue Caprice' delivers tough message  (10/4/2013)
 Movie Review: Force of 'Gravity' (10/3/2013)
 Movie review: Confessions abound in moving 'Patience Stone'  (10/3/2013)
 Movie review: 'Museum Hours' uses old paintings to find new views (9/27/2013)
 Movie review: 'Rush' drives straight into the battle between two top racing competitors (9/27/2013)
 Movie reviews / Three new flicks: A so-so sequel, a lot of sex, a little romance (9/27/2013)
 New to DVD this week (9/26/2013)
 Movie review: Characters in 'Thanks for Sharing' could use a little more support (9/20/2013)

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