Pittsburgh, Pa.
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Reel World: 8/8/03

Friday, August 08, 2003

By Ron Weiskind, Post-Gazette Staff Writer


As the locally produced film "The Bread, My Sweet" continues to open around the country to generally good reviews, Pittsburghers may be wondering: When are producer Adrienne Wehr and writer-director Melissa Martin going to make another movie?

They've already started work on it, Wehr says. But, she cautions, "It may not come to fruition for quite some time."

For now, the filmmakers are calling their new project "The Night of the Tutu Parties." Wehr says the film is "in its very early stages of development."

For example, she says it is too soon to talk about plot details.

Like its predecessor, she says, "This will be a character-driven film with a large heart at its core. We want to continue in the vein of presenting stories that mirror the fundamental building blocks of humanity. We're also hoping to strive for a very stylized visual look to this one."

Robert Bupp, the design director on "The Bread, My Sweet," will work on the new film, Wehr says. When and if it goes to production, the filmmakers will again shoot in Pittsburgh using local crews and supporting cast.

And for those who are wondering when "The Bread, My Sweet" will come out on video: It's not likely while the movie is still opening in other cities.

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