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December 17, 2018
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'Interview With The Assassin'

Friday, January 31, 2003

By Ron Weiskind, Post-Gazette Staff Writer

Unemployed TV cameraman Ron Kobeleski gets a message from his San Bernardino neighbor, Walter Ohlinger, who says he wants to confess to something -- that he was the second gunman in the Kennedy assassination, the one who shot the president in the head from behind a fence on the grassy knoll in Dallas.


Following is a reprint of a November review of "Interview," which opens today at the Harris Theater, Downtown.

Critic's call:


Can you prove it, Kobeleski asks? Yes, Ohlinger replies.

If Ohlinger's telling the truth, Kobeleski knows he's got the story of the century. In search of proof, they go to Dallas and Virginia and Maryland and finally to the nation's capital. But Kobeleski makes inquiries on his own that hint at why he shouldn't believe the flinty old man.

Kobeleski's documentary footage of their quest -- including violent outbursts by Ohlinger that cause his paranoia to spread to the filmmaker -- puts the viewer right in the middle of things. The most convincing thing about the movie is that you want to buy what it is selling.

Director Neil Burger's intriguing film stars Raymond J. Barry as Ohlinger and Dylan Haggerty as Kobeleski.

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