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Family Film Guide: 'Big Trouble'

Sunday, April 14, 2002

Post-Gazette critics review movies from a family perspective.

"Big Trouble"

Rated: PG-13.

Best for: Children 11 and up. However, don't be misled by the PG-13 rating. This is really not ideal entertainment for families or most moviegoers of any age since it's pretty much of a dud.

What you should know: "Big Trouble," an ensemble comedy originally scheduled for release in fall 2001, was postponed after the Sept. 11 attacks. That's because there is a subplot about a nuclear bomb that lunkheads try to slip through the Miami airport. Based on a Dave Barry novel, this movie has multiple plot strands, all of which converge at the airport.

Offensive language: Most of it is of the mild, coarse variety, but there are about a dozen and a half offensive words.

Drug/alcohol use: A couple of scenes are set in a bar, a security guard drinks and a couple of other characters do, too.

Sex: A crooked (and married) businessman played by Stanley Tucci has a fondness for the feet of his maid, and Tim Allen and Rene Russo find themselves attracted to each other and end up under his desk. An advertising client insists the model in his ad be well-endowed. A man is shown, from behind, sprinting through the airport naked.

Violence/scariness: New Jersey hit men are dispatched to Florida to kill Tucci's character but they keep missing their target. Fisticuffs erupt in a seedy bar. A man who refuses to put out his cigar in a restaurant gets his finger broken as a result. People are tied up and kidnapped, but the scariest scene of all, which is played for laughs, involves smuggling the bomb through the airport and onto a plane.

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