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October 16, 2018
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Gross 'Bones' wastes Snoop Dogg

Wednesday, October 24, 2001

By Ed Masley, Post-Gazette Pop Music Critic

A bloodbath I expected.


RATING: R for violence, gore, sexuality, language, drugs and maggots.

STARRING: Snoop Dogg, Pam Grier.

DIRECTOR: Ernest Dickerson

WEB SITE: www.bonesmovie.com



But a maggot bath?

It takes all kinds, or so I've read.

If, for example, you'd enjoy the sight of people drinking maggots, people eating maggots, people and animals vomiting maggots and hundreds and hundreds of maggots doing free-falls on a crowded dance floor, many landing on dancers' ample cleavage, "Bones" could be your feel-good movie of the week.

If not, you may just find it gross.

Not creepy in a way that's kind of scary, like "The Exorcist" or Larry King.

Just gross.

Snoop Dogg, applying all the easygoing charm that's made him such a legend in the hip-hop world, is wasted here as Jimmy Bones, as is the great Pam Grier as Pearl, his girlfriend.

Jimmy Bones is dead, so Snoop and Grier share nearly all their scenes in campy blaxploitation flashback.

Bones, a respectable pimp, like Kid Rock, only blacker, is brutally murdered by associates when he refuses to go in on a plan to market crack cocaine around the 'hood. His blood-stained brownstone is abandoned, the neighborhood crumbles without him and the black, satanic dog that roams his haunted house feeds on human flesh. Coincidentally, the children of his old friend Jeremiah, who could have tried to save his life but didn't, buy the house to open their own after-hours spot, Club Illbient.

So they open the club and Jimmy Bones returns to life with blood and maggots flying everywhere.

The special effects are, by B-movie standards, exceptional, from all those maggots to the City of the Dead, a wall of writhing, moaning corpses.

The story is cute, but Tarantino would've done it better.

And the acting? Let's hope it leads to better roles for Snoop Dogg. Anyone who's ever heard his records knows the man's an instinctual actor. Now, give him a movie.

In the meantime, you can check him out in "Bones." But don't buy popcorn. You won't want to eat it.

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