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Goodfellows: Family seeks gift for youngest of eight

Monday, December 22, 2003

"We have eight children in our family but I'm writing to ask for assistance just for our youngest child, who is 7. She is expecting Santa to bring her something special this year because she attended Sunday school all year long. My husband just got his commercial license to drive a truck and is looking for work but hasn't found anything yet."

This family would appreciate just one gift for its youngest member. The other kids are disappointed but understanding of the family's situation. Through the Goodfellows program, you can reach out to other families in need of temporary relief.

Help deliver a warm holiday filled with special memories. Your tax-deductible donation will help pay for the toys and books bought for area children. Please forward your contribution to Goodfellows, c/o Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Box 715, Pittsburgh 15230.


Today's total: $4,635

Year to date: $101,081.68

Michael and Amanda Schneck $1,000

Michael Madalena 500

Timothy and Kristine Birus 200

Anonymous 200

Janet Fawcett 200

Jean, Gregg, and David Franklin 200

Christine LeVasseur 100

The Shadyside Inn 100

Tom and Linda Jones 100

Tom, Joanne and Tommy Welsh 100

In memory of Leonard P. Kane 100

Kenneth Kugligowski 100

Kenneth Bevan 100

Roger and Lisa Gaughan 100

Darryl Spencer 100

In memory of Mrs. Mitzie

Holliday 100

In memory of Brandon Abate 100

Linda Padget and J.T. Miller 100

Darla Cummings 100

The Smiles Family 100

Stephanie Polk 100

Anonymous 25

Daniel Schcosky 25

Jim and Sandy Shanahan 25

JoAnn Bergman 25

Charles and Eileen Keil 25

Denis Hirkulich 25

Tony and Connie Gammiere 25

Steve and Lynn Forman 25

The Garlock Family 25

In memory of Lois R. Schrader 25

Matthew and Steve Drozd 25

Vickie Gotaskie 25

James Davis 25

In memory of William and Rose Benson 25

Gilbert Penner 25

Anonymous 25

Wm. Jamison 25

Kelly Lynn Sacker 25

Hilda Coleman 25

Joe Bartunek 25

In memory of LaVerne Griffith 25

In memory of William "Paunch"

Rohal 25

Robert Richards and Family 25

Lawrence and Elizabeth Carretta 25

Anonymous 25

Jean Miller 25

Bernie Devlin 25

In memory of Fonda King 10

Anonymous 10

Justin and Kimberly 10

Delaney Gerhart 10

Mackenzie Gerhart 10

Anonymous 10

Karl and Judith Schmidt 10

Robert Cramer 10

M. Muehlman 10

H. Gold 10

Anonymous 10

John Graziano 10

Kathleen Sacco 10

Rita Harmeier, MD 10

Ken and Margie Hudson 10

Samantha Short 10

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