At 100, Della Cummings is only the second oldest in her family. (10/15/2013)
At just 19 years old, she planned her wedding entirely by mail. (10/8/2013)
Evelyn likes a glass of wine and chocolate; Toots is a teetotaler. Both are turning 100 tomorrow. (10/1/2013)
Virginia Reyes celebrates her 100th birthday with 83 "baby dolls"; Greta Gourse turns 106 at Concordia of the South Hills. (9/18/2013)
A teacher for nearly 60 years, Sister Mildred is a feisty, funny character who just turned 100. (9/3/2013)
A century of adventures includes driving in England in the 1930s and crossing the Atlantic several times during World War II. (8/27/2013)
Rose Artuso celebrated her 100th birthday Saturday at D'Imperio's Restaurant in Wilkins. (8/13/2013)
From a small town in Texas, Louise Hegarty created a big life for her husband and five children. (7/30/2013)
Angela Nardei celebrates 100 years, more than half of it spent in Scott and Green Tree. (7/23/2013)
Born on a really hot day in Indiana, Florence Ball will have a busy weekend with family to mark her 100th birthday. (7/9/2013)
Clara Fisher Daube has been calling out BINGO for more than half a century. (7/2/2013)
Ed Turner ran stores and markets and Elizabeth Nelson taught college English. (6/12/2013)
After planning their wedding 11 different times, Zachary Boyd and Amanda Kyer tied the knot Thursday at the Allegheny County Courthouse. (6/6/2013)
Dorothy Mitchell, who celebrated her 100th birthday Monday, says her secret to longevity is faith. (6/4/2013)
What are the odds? Two women born on same day live on same floor at The Willows in Oakmont. (5/21/2013)

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