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July 22, 2018
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College 2002: Snapshots of campus life

Tuesday, February 26, 2002

This section explores the state of college life today, as well as offering information on how to prepare for college and seek financial aid.

(Illustration by Anita Dufalla, Post-Gazette)

You'll find stories prepared by the Post-Gazette's education team dealing with coed residence halls and the latest twist on that idea -- official coed rooms.

You'll also see articles on how much high-tech gear students pack into their dorm rooms today, whether students should buy laptop or desktop computers, what the current college policies on cell phones are, and how some colleges (none in this region, though) are beginning to allow cats and other high maintenance pets into dorms.

There's also a story on what student cooks can and can't keep in their rooms, with a few easy microwave recipes thrown in.

It's just a snapshot of some of the main facets of campus life -- but we hope it's a revealing and entertaining one.

The contents:

In student housing, is the coed room the wave of the future?

Early birds who do their research reap the most aid

Where to go that's close

The cell phone rules

Buying a computer is just one more decision to make

The typical dorm room is crammed with gadgets and toys

What's cooking in the dorms?

In some dormitories, it's OK to have a pet

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