Photo Journal
MAN'S BEST FRIEND: Dan Brenner snuggles with Aragon, the grief therapy dog at the Turner Funeral Home in Ellwood City. Dan accompanied his family to make funeral arrangements for his grandfather, Ken Brenner Sr., who died on Nov. 18.

BOB DONALDSON: The one thing you don't know is if you're ever going to see this dog doing what it does with real people. While we were there, a family came in to make final arrangements. The grandson was on the floor, and the dog gravitated to him on his own and nuzzled up to him, and it was a really interesting moment that you didn't think was going to happen. You just never know, because of the type of feelings you naturally face at moments like this. But chance was there.

Photo by: Bob Donaldson / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (1/2/2005)