Invisible Men is an occasional series of stories focusing on young black males and the many challenges they face.

From the corner to the coroner
/ Oct. 21, 2007

About four times a year, El Gray leads a group of young men -- and women -- on a tour to places where few would voluntarily want to go: the jail, the morgue and the cemetery. ... read more
Video: El Gray works to get young people back on track

Building a future / Sept. 4, 2007
The Abraxas Youth and Family Services WorkBridge program, a 20-year-old program, has been guided by the principle of balance and restorative justice, which links offender, victim and community. ... read more

'Snitch' list is troubling / Aug. 26, 2007
The "Stop Snitching" culture has taken hold in many inner-city communities. A snitch list that is circulating in the Allegheny County jail and in many communities, as well as black men talking about snitching, illuminate the narrow world in which many young black men live. ... read more.
Wounded man wouldn't talk ... includes audio
Four on the list may have been killed for talking
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Meeting the challenge / June 26, 2007
Growing up in a one-parent home isn't an automatic road to failure, as these men have proved.
Becoming visible: From fatherless to father figures
Growing up in Garfield: Coaches help a young man negotiate life's rugged path

A Boy's Life / June 2, 2007
Meet Rashon, a former drug seller now trying to turn his life around.
Rashon's story
Young black males are in crisis
Young men in trouble reflect
A man and his mentor