High school softball rosters

Roster for 2009-2010 Mohawk girls' varsity softball

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No. Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Year
Beatty, Pam COA
1 Shaffer, Amanda IN Senior
2 Brown, Shleby IN/OF Freshman
3 Trotter, Cara IN Freshman
7 Yarletts, Taylor C/OF Sophomore
8 Miller, Rachelle P/IN Freshman
9 Feezle, Lacey OF Senior
11 Giancola, Devon IN/OF Freshman
12 Morrow, Hannah IN/OF Freshman
13 Fox, Kelly P/IN Senior
14 Nottingham, Merran P/IN Sophomore
15 Brown, Lea OF Freshman
16 Fee, Lucia IN Freshman
18 Izzo, Brandy OF Sophomore
19 Scherer, Rachel IN Senior
20 Carr, Mariah C/IN Junior
21 Grimes, Ashley IN/OF Junior
24 Ruby, Paige IN/OF Freshman