High school baseball rosters

Roster for 2014-2015 Mohawk boys' varsity baseball

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No. Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Year
Sapp, Kevin COA
1 Malutic, Ricky P/IN Senior
3 Retort, Vince IN Junior
4 Tyler, Luc P/IN Senior
7 Wolfe, Jesse C Junior
10 McConahy, Devyn C/IN Senior
11 Romano, Michael OF Junior
13 Woods, Justin P/IN Sophomore
14 Yakubik, Cayne OF Sophomore
15 Johnson, Jaydon OF Sophomore
17 Hopper, Logan OF Sophomore
18 Powers, Tyler P/OF Senior
19 Needler, Samsan OF Junior
21 Barber, Codey P/IN Junior
23 Leslie, Jimmy P/IN Junior
24 Hiler, Justin P/IN Senior
25 Knight, Isaac P/IN Junior
30 Shaner, Ryan P/IN Junior