High school baseball rosters

Roster for 2010-2011 Quaker Valley boys' varsity baseball

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No. Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Year
O'Connor, Tom COA
2 Luptak, Augie P/IN Junior
4 Fecko, Jeff OF Senior
5 Wiltman, Von 5' 8" Junior
6 Westwood, Nelson OF Sophomore
7 O'Neill, Luke P/IN Junior
8 Durant, Matt P/IN Sophomore
9 Sutter, Scott P/IN Senior
10 Dickson, Ryan IN Sophomore
11 Fecko, Jack C/IN Junior
12 Conlan, Pat P/IN Senior
13 Bouchard, Clayton OF Sophomore
14 Kuny, T.J. IN Sophomore
17 Pawlik, Nate C/OF Junior
20 Emery, Shane P/OF Sophomore
21 Pilewicz, Jake P/IN Sophomore
23 Easterly, Tom IN Sophomore