High school baseball rosters

Roster for 2013-2014 Northgate boys' varsity baseball

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No. Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Year
Adams, Stefan IN/OF Freshman
Azzarella, Kenny C/OF Freshman
Camello, Johnny P/IN Junior
Dombrowski, Matt P/IN Junior
Farmerie, Austin OF Freshman
Floyd, George P/OF Sophomore
Hall, Jesron IN/OF Junior
Helbing, Evan IN Junior
Hogle, Brandon COA
Kuntz, Mike OF Junior
Lodge, Mark P/IN Senior
Marusic, Alex P/OF Senior
Rowsey, Chase IN/OF Freshman
Rowsey, Xavier P/IN Sophomore
Sentner, Ryan OF Freshman
Thomas, Elijah IN/OF Freshman
Trimmer, Anthony C/IN Sophomore
Turner, Caleb P/IN Freshman