High school baseball rosters

Roster for 2016-2017 Freedom boys' varsity baseball

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No. Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Year
O'Leary, Dan COA
1 Kraus, Christian IN Senior
2 Henderson, Noah P/IN Sophomore
3 Socash, Sam 3B Sophomore
5 Rosa, Zach OF/IN Sophomore
6 Colaric, Nolan OF Freshman
7 Ruffing, Evan OF Freshman
8 Collins, Casey P/IN Freshman
10 Minnitte, Seth P/OF Sophomore
12 Bauman, Jake P/IN Freshman
13 Jansen, David P/IN Sophomore
14 Greene, Zach P/IN Senior
16 Henderson, Nick P/IN Senior
20 Lawrence, Kevin 3B Freshman
22 Mcllvain, Riley C/OF Sophomore
23 Norman, Jason P/IN Junior
24 Yeck, Noah P/IN Sophomore
26 Levenson, Matthew OF Freshman
30 Ujhazy, Max OF/IN Freshman
32 Boyer, Tanner 1B Sophomore
33 Olson, Robert 1B Sophomore
39 Hill, Bryan C/OF Freshman
42 Herzog, Jordan OF/IN Senior
48 Beck, Joshua OF Junior