High school baseball rosters

Roster for 2010-2011 Albert Gallatin boys' varsity baseball

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No. Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Year
Chory, Shawn COA
1 Hearn, Sam IN/OF Senior
2 Riedmann, Casey OF Senior
3 Woods, Timmy IN Junior
4 Chahl, Bill P/IN Sophomore
5 Dubovich, Tyler P/IN Sophomore
6 Dalton, Tanner IN/OF Senior
7 Jones, Josh IN/OF Junior
9 Zidek, Alex P/IN Junior
10 Burke, DJ P/IN Junior
11 Dutkewycz, Ed P/C Junior
12 Kenney, Brandon IN Sophomore
13 Seneri, Danny P/IN Senior
14 Hoone, Cory P/IN Junior
15 Lytle, Chris C/IN Sophomore
16 Liston, Josh IN/OF Senior
17 Palmer, Patrick P/IN Senior
18 Morgan, Danny P/IN Senior
19 Pegg, Brandon C/OF Senior
20 Hruska, Justin IN Sophomore
21 Zidek, Zach P/IN Junior
22 Provance, Jacob P/OF Senior
23 Uphold, Chris IN/OF Sophomore
24 Cappellini, Jared OF Sophomore
25 Hodgson, Ethan P/IN Sophomore
26 Palmer, Jamal P/IN Sophomore
28 Kisner, Tyler P/OF Junior
31 Hoone, Cullen C/IN Sophomore
48 Bohan, Tom OF Junior
88 Kutek, Tyler OF Junior
99 Churby, Frank OF Junior